We invite you to take the night off, do less, and give more this year!

We’ve decided to do something new! This year, instead of having to dress up and drag yourself out for our gala you get to stay home and catch up on your Netflix watch list.

That’s right! You’re invited to our No-Show Gala!

We’re letting you have a wonderfully uneventful evening, and are inviting you to do less and give more by supporting us.

This year promises to be uneventful with no fancy reception, no silent auction, no raffle, no speeches – nothing. Just a well deserved night off where you can kick back and relax knowing that the money you would have spent on all that frivolity is hard at work creating a future where women and their families are empowered to live their dreams.

Curious about how this works?

By not attending this event you will save:

  • $50 on spa services
  • $75 on a babysitter
  • $100 on raffle tickets
  • $200 on your event ticket
  • $300 on a new dress or suit
  • and of course, your time

With those savings you can donate:

  • $50 to fund healthy snacks at one of our workshops
  • $75 to fund a Breast Cancer Screening awareness workshop
  • $100 to fund a crisis counselling session for a woman leaving an abusive situation
  • $200 to fund a workshop on resume and interview skills
  • $300 to fund a job fair at a local women’s shelter

Alternatively, you can make a donation of your choice and we will use it to make sure the Centre continues to deliver award-winning programs and services supporting women in our community to use their skills and talents to enrich their lives and their communities.

Register to not attend this non-event to make your donation online.

Then on gala night, September 21, stay at home, put your feet up, and enjoy the gift of time to yourself. Of course, if you have friends who would enjoy the experience, please feel free to share this with them. There is no limit to how many people can join us!