Working Within Our Community

Our programs focus on supporting women in our community, but are not exclusively for women. Men, women and families of all ages and backgrounds are welcome.

Here are some highlights of the many programs available at EHCW.

For Women – Reduce Abuse

Our program supports women from all walks of life, from diverse ethnic backgrounds and reside in the Greater Toronto Area.

For Seniors – Aging at Home

The Aging at Home program offers seniors who live in their own homes comprehensive health related activities to help maintain their physical, mental and emotional wellness.

For Youth – Summer Programs

Our Summer Program for Youth provides youth will everyday activity programs for kids of all ages.

Community Programs

We recognize the importance of bringing our community together to celebrate cultural events to strengthening the bonds we share.

Newcomer Settlement Programs

Our programs for women are dedicated to settlement, integration, development and empowerment of the clients approaching the Centre

Employment Programs & Continued Education

Our program has provided participants in both Toronto and Vaughan with the employment assistance that they need to become job ready.

Seniors Government Services

We can assist seniors to find appropriate resources that will cater to their health, residence, and financial concerns.