Our Accomplishments

With over 26 years of service to the community, ehcw is moving towards trade skills awareness programs for women, newcomers and immigrants. We aim to have them enter into apprenticeship and training so that they can acquire trade skills in construction. Our partnership with the Toronto Community Benefits Network as their Community Host brought us within reach of this goal. Referrals for apprenticeship and training have begun. College of Carpenters have been open to receiving women and immigrants seeking training in the multiple fields of carpentry.

Our services were maintained and enhanced, as we met the priority needs of women and seniors. The community acknowledged our services with ehcw’s nomination for RBC Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Award in the Settlement Agency category. We received recognition with the Pioneers for Change Award from Skills of Change, as well as Police Foundation Award towards our Reduce Abuse Program, and more.

Our Board worked diligently, once again, to build the 3-year strategic plan to give sound direction to the organization. During the upcoming year the focus would be on reviewing all the policies, as well as prepare ourselves for the accreditation review.

Maintain and improve programs and services to benefit communities:

We worked with RBC’s team to tackle the ongoing issues international students face. We have begun to create awareness among the youth of apprenticeship & training opportunities for them in the construction and other trades as they complete their education. We have continued to work towards ongoing growth and development on the priority needs of seniors and women.

Efforts to reduce Domestic Violence:

We have begun to raise public awareness of the root causes of domestic abuse. By building community partnerships, we have begun to communicate with women and their families to change the way children are raised in the educational system. We introduced the human studies for youth, taught them respect for elders and the parents and raised awareness of human connection and their role in communities.

Expand outreach into new ethno-racial communities:

We experienced an increase in the visits for services by the Nigerian, Spanish, Chinese and Punjabi communities. We, together with our clients, take pride in the vast diversity we offer in our services.

Increase the income generated from social enterprises:

With an addition of a full-time staff our RivInt social enterprise offering language services has been further enhanced and moving towards record breaking sales. A great big thank you to the Board for its continuing support and the able expertise of experienced staff that is service oriented with its impeccable delivery of programs evidenced by slew of testimonials we received. It has been a pleasure to have been of service to our community!”