Our Mission

Empowering immigrant and newcomer women, seniors and families through advocacy and services focused on promoting healthy families, community relationships and economic self-sufficiency.

Our Objectives

At the Centre, we support immigrant and newcomer women, seniors and families by:

  • working with our partners in the law enforcement and justice sectors to reduce the incidence of domestic violence
  • working with our partners in the public and private sector to diminish the conditions of isolation and poverty
  • connecting those who experience linguistic or cultural challenges to support programs and services
  • collaborating with other organizations to address educational, cultural and linguistic issues
  • assisting with their settlement and integration into Canadian society as respected and contributing members.

Our Strategic Direction 2019-2022

Enhance and Expand the Quality of Services
The Elspeth Heyworth Centre for Women will maintain our current services and our levels of service. We will focus any growth and development on the priority needs of seniors and women in our community.

We will raise public awareness about the issues of domestic violence and abuse of immigrant and newcomer women. We will do this by building and strengthening our partnerships with community stakeholders who share a common interest in addressing these issues.

We will grow stronger as an organization and be able to better serve our community by building up the talent and expertise of our staff. We will preserve our funding relationships and also explore new funding opportunities.

Key Statistics for 2018/2019

  • 25,000 residents can access our services at our head office
  • 25,342 visits by seniors participating in health promotional and art activities
  • 135 people who were at-risk for developing Type 2 diabetes received health education
  • 480 visits by women participating in receiving support through Reduce Abuse Program
  • 682 new clients registered with Newcomer Settlement Program
  • 410 clients receiving clothing and household items
  • 7,500 visits for food collection and participation in community kitchen



2350 Finch Ave West, Unit D
Toronto, ON
M9M 2C7

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133 Fieldstone Drive
Woodbridge, ON
L4L 0A1

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For Women

  • One-on-One Counselling
  • Settlement Counselling
  • Domestic Violence-Reduce Abuse
  • Financial Literacy
  • Employment Services
For Seniors
  • Yoga
  • Dance
  • Tai Chi
  • ESL Classes and English Café
  • Computer Lessons and Lab
  • Community Kitchen and Garden
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Bingo
For Youth
  • Giving Responsibility to Youth
  • March Break and Summer Programs
Social Enterprises


  • Violence Against Women: All Pervading (2014)  The book is available from all Toronto and Vaughan Libraries.  A copy of the book can be picked up free of charge from the EHCW head office.
  • Gujarat Express Weekly News published 85 stories on cases of domestic violence
  • Civic participation – A Canadian Experience (DVD)

Questions? Ask Us!

Call, visit, or email us for a personal and confidential response.


(416) 663-2978


2350 Finch Ave W, Unit D Toronto, Ontario M9M 2C7



2350 Finch Ave W, Unit D, Toronto ON
(416) 663-2978
133 Fieldstone Drive Woodbridge L4L 0A1
(905) 747-1515